November 2007

November 29, 2007

BSU demands Ethnic Studies Faculty
The Laney BSU held a noontime rally Oct. 23 on the quad to protest the fact that Laney no longer has any full-time African American studies teachers and to demand that the administration prioritize this department for upcoming faculty allocations.

Black Studies professor collapses in class at Laney
Laney African American Studies professor Dr. Mary Lewis collapsed during a class Oct. 23 in E-207. She was hospitalized, but is now in stable condition.

Who is the real 'American Gangster'?
One hundred years later and the negative portrayals of Black men on the big screen still remain. Enter "American Gangster."

Is African Black?
For Blacks, it is often debatable as to who are Blacks? Are they any different from Africans? Who are African-Americans?

Farrakhan speaks 'live' at Laney
Nearly 350 people came to the Laney College Forum on Oct. 16 to hear the Nation of Islam's (NOI) leader, the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, speak live via webcast.

What's Going On?
Laney students sound off on how they would "improve Laney College."

'MAAFA' remember at Ocean Beach
On an early Sunday morning in October, hundreds of the descendants of Africans who survived the Middle Passage, slavery, Jim Crow, and institutionalize racism, gathered at Ocean Beach in San Francisco to deal with the trauma and heal from the legacy of oppression.

Ebony & Johnny light up West Oakland
Ebony & Johnny explores a variety of issues affecting the Oakland through the experiences of two hood-crossed lovers.


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