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November 18, 2007

Laney College students share how they would improve Laney College.

How would you improve Laney College?

Students should voice concerns on what they are learning and different teaching methods. The smoking on campus is really bad. I hear it is smoke-free but there needs to be better signage.

Denita Scott

There should be more activities for incoming freshmen, like Black College Tours. We need more energy in the environment. It makes me not want to come to school. We need more support and encouragement, too.

Justin Thompson
African American Studies/Economics

Laney needs more academic programs like music industry and recording engineering courses. Athletics could use more support, games should be major events to get people to participate. I had a free pass but I didn't even want to go.

Ernie Rocker
Theater Arts

More pride. Just because Laney is a community college doesn't mean it is not a place of learning. The feeling takes you back to high school where people only went to school because they had to.

Antionette Bracks
Theater Arts

This is a really diverse campus and I would like to see a lot of cultural events for the different races and backgrounds to increase awareness. There could be an event to bring people together, like a talent show, each month.

President L. Davis

Compiled and photographed by Justin Thompson and Reginald James.


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