Farrakhan speaks 'live' at Laney

October 18, 2007

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan leader gives lively speech during the ‘Holy Day of Atonement’

Nearly 350 people came to the Laney College Forum on Oct. 16 to hear the Nation of Islam's (NOI) leader, the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, speak live via webcast.

The program, which was co-sponsored by the Oakland Muhammad Mosque and the Laney Black Student Union, commemorated the 12th anniversary of the historic Million Man March of 1995 when over one million African-American men descended upon Washington, D.C. for "atonement, reconciliation, and responsiblity."

Farrakhan touched on global warming, religion, HipHop, politics, and the need for African-Americans to create a new society that benefits the masses of people in the world.

"Pharoah has nothing else for us to do but to fight in his unjust wars and serve his prison industrial complex," said Farrakhan, alluding to the biblical parallel of Africans in Americans and the Israelites in Egypt.

The 74-year old Farrakhan, who was recently ill, spoke passionately for nearly two-and-a half hours, cautioned the nearly 15 million viewers not to believe the media "tomorrow."

"Don't let the media tell you about 'an ailing Farrakhan,' tell them you saw a strong Farrakhan, who spoke for two hours and could've spoken for two more."

Following the speech, Oakland Minister Keith Muhammad, reflected on Farrakhan's words.

"I hope all the students and the people heard the words the minister shared," said Muhammad. "And I hope that we can and will act upon what he said."


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