Peralta African Black Student Alliance

September 20, 2007

Draft logo for the Peralta African and Black Student Alliance.

The Laney Black Student Union (Laney BSU) called for a meeting with the other BSU's in the Peralta Colleges (College of Alameda, Berkeley City College and Merritt College). On September 13, 2007, the three operational groups camp together to discuss organization, unity and action.

After opening with drumming and libations, each campus reported on what was taking place on their campuses. It was discovered that many of the students attended more than one campus. According to the Peralta District, half of all students attend classes on multiple campuses.

Students discussed actions for the Jena 6, hosting a Kwanzaa event and a Black Graduation and financial aid issues.

Out of the meeting came the concept of a district wide organization for students of African Descent--whether Black from the Americas or the continent. It was suggested that the group be called the Peralta African & Black Student Alliance (PABSA). In the early 1970s, with support from the Black Panther Party, students of the Peralta district organized the Peralta Black Student Alliance, in order to prevent the divide and conquer techniques being applied by the Peralta District's governing board.

The next meeting of the Peralta African & Black Student Alliance will be hosted by Berkeley City College's BSU. Join the PABSA Yahoo Group.
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